Installation & Engineering Services

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Installation & Engineering Services – 

We offer quality services of installation & Commissioning of BTS, Microwave, Router, Solar Panel, SMPS, battery bank, small cell sites including Planning, Site Acquisition, Transmission Planning, Site Build and Operations and other mobile tower related services.

  • Site Acquisition – We undertake site acquisition works, which consists of following activities – 
      • Identification of BTS candidate sites along with customer RF team.
      • Discussion with the owners to explain the requirements.
      • Preparation of the preference list of options with report for acquisition.
      • Space ownership verification for the selected candidate site.
      • Be associated with customer personnel for commercial negotiations &
      • Agreement with the owner on customer guidelines for the selected candidate site.
  • BTS Installation & Commissioning – BTS Installation activities are carried out according to site specific installation plan and includes – 
      • BTS Installation as per layout plan.
      • GSM antenna installation & alignment.
      • Installation and termination of radio Optical Fiber Cable (feeder cables),
        antennas and grounding kits.
      • Feeder/RF cable routine, Earthing, weather proofing & labeling.
      • RFI Survey for BTS Installation.
      • Installation of BTS (or extension rack), plug-in units and all internal cables.
      • Installation of transmission cable, power cable and power system, Grounding
        cable and alarm cable for BTS.
      • Load BTS software and set up needed parameters.
      • Installation of GSM antenna and RRU.
  • BTS Integration –  We support in the integration according to Telecom Equipment manufacturer integration procedures and quality documentation, Integration is directed to –
      • Integrate the BTS to Base Station Controller (BSC).
      • General check-up of software package.
      • Test calls for every time slot.
      • Test external alarms and do any other required tests by the Operator.
      • Realignment of antennas during optimization.
  • Microwave Installation & Commissioning – In order for communication between the BTS and the BSC, there is a requirement for Microwave (MW) Installations as a transmission medium, Following activities are carried out by us to implement microwaves:
      • Installation of MW antenna and outdoor unit.
      • Installation of indoor unit modem & MW feeder.
      • Commissioning of MW link and Alignment of antennas to obtain surveyed receive level.
      • Integration of MW link.
  • UBR and Small Cells Installation – A small cell installation consists of small radio equipment and antennas that can be placed on structures such as streetlights, the sides of buildings, or poles. They are about the size of a pizza box or backpack, and are essential for transmitting data to and from a wireless device.

    There are different types of small cells that, depending on the use case, vary in range, form factor and power levels. Mobile operators use only the largest small cell units in urban, outdoor settings and the smallest for indoor settings.

    The three types of small cells are the following – 

      • Femtocells – These devices are similar to wireless routers with a typical maximum range of 10 m. Femtocells can only accommodate a few users at a time and are usually deployed indoors.
      • Picocells – Boasting a more extensive range of up to 200 m, picocells can support a maximum of 100 users and are typically installed in larger indoor areas, such as hospitals, airports and train stations.
      • Microcells – These are the most potent type of small cell and have a range of up to 2 km. Microcells are usually attached to traffic lights and street signs.
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